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金虫 (小有名气)

[交流] 第一次投SCI(期刊:applied clay science)主编意见,请各位虫友帮忙看看已有2人参与

Dear Mr.,

We have received the below comments from the Editor on your paper.

If the Editor advises language correction, we recommend you consult an English speaking colleague, or check the  information about language editing and copyediting services pre- and post-submission at  www.elsevier.com/languagepolishing or contact our customer support site at http://support.elsevier.com for more information.
The reviewers will not be able to provide a meaningful review if the paper cannot be well understood.

If the Editor requests revision as Note, then the submitted text should not exceed 10 pages (without Tables, Legends, and References, style: font size 12, double line spacing). No more than 5 illustrations should be presented. When submitting the revised version, at the first step, change Article Type to 'Note'.

For more details about formatting style and submission requirements please refer to the Guide for Authors which can be consulted via the journal's homepage for electronic submission, http://ees.elsevier.com/clay/.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you decide to resubmit please refer to this earlier submission, and add a cover letter to explain how the paper has been changed. A new manuscript number will then be assigned.

Yours sincerely,

For the Editor,
Jennifer Miranda
Journal Manager
Applied Clay Science


G. Lagaly, editor: Modification of clay minerals with chitosan is of actual interest but, really, the ms does not show novelty. Nevertheless, we will publish it as a NOTE and ask the authors to re-submit it as a NOTE and to consider carefully the checklist below.
Manuscript check list for submissions for Applied Clay Science
(The journal's Guide for authors see http://www.elsevier.com/locate/clay)
1. Citation format should be correct: by name-year and alphabetically ordered in the References list.
2. Introduction, Experiments and results have to be reported in past tense (neither present nor perfect tense)
3. Terms like it is observed (noted, seen), Fig. (Table) shows, it is clear that… should be deleted
- The manuscript should be clearly organized
- Repetitions must be deleted
- Add articles (a, the) as appropriate.
4. Correct terminology, see the Handbook of Clay Science (Elsevier):
- Distinguish clearly between clay and clay mineral

attapulgite must be replaced by palygorskite

-Use adsorption, adsorbed, adsorbent instead of sorption, sorbed, sorbent (in most cases)
- Use dispersion instead of suspension (in most cases)
- Weight = mass, molecular weight = molar mass
- Mole ratio = molar ratio
- Percentage = content
- Specific surface area
6. Experimental data should not be given with too many digits. Please consider the limits of error.
7. Be sure to mention all important contributions.
8. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. The authors should take advantage of the Elsevier language editing service at http://www.elsevier.com/languagepolishing to improve the text.

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还有,强烈建议楼主仔细阅读这个期刊的“Guide for authors ”。
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