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[交流] 拒稿重投,不知道结局会怎么样已有3人参与


Dear Dr ###:

Your manuscript entitled "。。。。" which you submitted to 。。。, has been reviewed. The reviewer comments are included at the bottom of this letter.

I regret to inform you that the reviewers have raised serious concerns, and therefore your paper cannot be accepted for publication in ****. However since the reviewers do find some merit in the paper, I would be willing to reconsider if you wish to undertake major revisions and re-submit, addressing the referees' concerns.

Please note that resubmitting your manuscript does not guarantee eventual acceptance, and that your resubmission will be subject to re-review before a decision is rendered.

You will be unable to make your revisions on the originally submitted version of your manuscript.  Instead, revise your manuscript using a word processing program and save it on your computer.

Because we are trying to facilitate timely publication of manuscripts submitted to ###, your revised manuscript should be uploaded as soon as possible.  If it is not possible for you to submit your revision within a reasonable amount of time, we will consider your paper as a new submission.

I look forward to a resubmission.

Dr ###
Editor in Chief, ;;;;

This paper should be rejected. It is written carelessly. Figure *: can not see anything, can not even read the scale bar. (实际能看清,只是有些模糊)

What is shown in Figure 2. I really can not tell. There are various grey shades. What are they. (原图比较模糊)

References are in the wrong format.

Author gives black and white figures and suddenly switches to the colored figures. Why?

For the print version of the paper, we do not accept colored figures.

Add references suggested by one of the reviewers.
Reviewer(s)' Comments to Author:

Reviewer: 1

Comments to the Author
Dear Sir
                I appreciate your research on ###. good luck.

Reviewer: 2

Comments to the Author
This article discusses the 。。。。 by various processes, including ####. As much, the matter is of interest. However, there exist many small problems.
1.        In “Introduction” part, lines ¥¥¥ are the basic principles of @@@, the author should be deleted.
2.        In “@@@” part, the ** contains @ and @@ methods and the author only presents the main reactions of @ method.
3.        In addition to the #, what is the difference between the !! and the %?
4.        In “##” part, DD procedures were taken into consideration to %%, and in the …………, why not consider other ¥¥¥?

Reviewer: 3

Comments to the Author
In the current review manuscript, authors have attempted to review the research updates on the ¥¥¥. The review article is well written with ***. However, the review looks like very large and needs to be shorten further. Author may agree that there are several article on review on &&&. So, effort need to be made for the revision of the article to make it accept in this journal through better interpretation using ***. The paper needs a revision on the %. The article should revise based on the comments raised and request to revise the review article accordingly. However, there are a few points mentioned below which need to be addressed before publication:
•        ***

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