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[交流] 澳大利亚墨尔本皇家理工大学(RMIT UNIVERSITY)全奖/csc/半奖招土木工程博士

Dr Jonathan Tran, 美国UIUC博士、西北大学博后,墨尔本大学讲师。最近受聘于RMIT高级讲师,因课题研究需要,招收全奖/CSC/半奖的土木工程博士生。研究方向为:Lightweight concrete panel for prefabricated modular construction; Bioinspired composite materials: design and optimisation;3D Printing for innovative lattice structure for energy absorption。Jonathan人很nice,在research和industry都有非常丰富的经验、年轻有为。希望有兴趣的学生可以积极联系申请。奖学金竞争激励,希望申请者最好来自985和211高校的学生(GPA above 3.2/4.0 or 80/100)。有兴趣的同学可以把中英文成绩单、简历、雅思或托福成绩和发表的英文文章(放到一个PDF里面)发送至Jonathan.tran@rmit.edu.au。招生广告如下:

About Dr Jonathan (Phuong) Tran:
    Doctor Jonathan Tran obtained his PhD degree from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA in 2010 and recently joined RMIT as senior lecturer in Structured Materials and Design. Before that, he has been working as a research fellow and lecturer in Structural Engineering at the department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne (since 2012) and a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University, USA (2010-2011). He has established international research network in the US, Singapore, China, Vietnam and Canada. His research interest include the development of novel lightweight materials and structures for engineering applications. Research approach include numerical modelling, design optimisation, advanced material fabrication and 3D printing technology.
    Dr Tran has supervisors of five Ph.D. students with 3 completion. His PhD students are currently working as research fellow in Australian universities and as senior engineer in the industry.  Dr Tran and his Ph.D. student were awarded a number of best paper prizes for their research on computational mechanics and shock & impact on structures including 3 best paper awards at 3 consecutive Australian Conference in Computational Mechanics (ACCM), and one best paper award at International Conference of Shock and Impact on Structures. He has published three book chapters and over 50 refereed papers in leading journals including Composite Structures, Thin Wall Structures, Construction Building Materials, Composite Part A: Science & Composite Part B: Engineering, etc…
    Dr Tran has contributed to number of successful competitive grants including Victorian CRC-Project on Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Building Envelope Systems and ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing and number of other ARC Linkage and Discovery projects. Dr Tran has served as a deputy Director for Advanced Protective Technology for Engineering Structures (APTES), convener of Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA) and member of Standards Australia committee on new standard for Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bars.

Several PhD scholarships are Available at Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Discipline of the School of Engineering at RMIT University. You can choose one of the following three ways to apply for PhD at RMIT:
•        Direct application through RMIT: PhD scholarship of a net stipend of up to $30,000 per year plus full tuition fee subsidy of $35,520 per year for three years. You may apply for an extension of up to six months subject to satisfactory progress and school approval
•        Apply through China Scholarship Council (CSC): You will automatically get the full tuition fee waived. The net stipend will be around $20,000 per year determined by CSC
•        Self-financial PhD scholarship is also available with full tuition fee waived. The PhD candidate may have the opportunity to take part-time Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant to cover a portion of the living cost in Melbourne

Research projects:
•    Project 1. Lightweight concrete panel for prefabricated modular construction: Aerated concrete is either a cement or lime mortar known as lightweight concrete, which include air-voids in the mortar matrix by means of a suitable aerating agent. In general, aerated concrete falls into the group of cellular concrete with the key advantage of weight reduction, which could be economically used in the design of supporting structures including the foundation and walls of lower floors. It provides a high degree of thermal insulation and significant material savings due to the porous structure. The properties of light concrete depend on its microstructure and composition, influenced by the type of binder, pore-formation and curing methods. Although aerated concrete was initially investigated for use as insulation material, there has been increase interest in its structural characteristics. The focus of this project is to investigate the properties of aerated concrete in terms of physical (microstructure, density), chemical, mechanical (compressive and tensile strengths, modulus of elasticity, drying shrinkage) and functional (thermal insulation, moisture transport, durability, fire resistance and acoustic insulation) characteristics. Project also seek to develop modelling capabilities of aerated concrete.
•    Project 2. Bioinspired composite materials: design and optimisation: Traditionally, engineers have depended on high strength and high hardness monolithic materials (steel and ceramics) to achieve the required resistance to such severe loadings. Unfortunately, many of these properties tend to be mutually exclusive within individual materials. There are limited options exist to improve the performance of conventional materials, which often come at a cost of additional mass. Natural (or biological) materials are generally composites with spatially heterogeneous having unique characteristics that distinguish them from synthetic ones. The Project focuses on identification of deformation & failure mechanisms of the hierarchical structure of hard biological materials through different length scale, with emphasis on biomineralized marine organisms such as mollusk shells, radular teeth and crustaceans exoskeletons.  Understanding the biological materials could lead to design of intelligent and resilient materials and structures enhancing the performance and damage tolerance.
•     Project 3. 3D Printing for innovative lattice structure for energy absorption: The design of protective structures and materials requires the use of efficient energy-absorbing structures made of multiple layers. In actual impulsive loading conditions, a large amount of kinetic energy imparted to the structures that need protection. These sacrificial layers are responsible for the dissipation of the energy as well as ensuring the forces transmitted to the main structure are kept below acceptable levels. Recent attention has focused the need to design and construct lightweight structures that offer protection to critical infrastructure and personnel. Foam-based materials, such as highly ductile metallic foams, have been implemented in the design and manufacture of sandwich structures. However, many of the first generation of core materials offered highly irregular cell structures, making safe design both difficult and highly conservative. Lattice structures have been identified as possible energy-absorbing core structures, which can offer greater strength-to-stiffness ratios compared to traditional foams.

The scholarship is for PhD Research students only. To be considered for a scholarship you must hold, or be currently completing:
•        Master by research in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Chemical Engineering
•        Candidates with background and interests in one of these areas are preferred: computational modelling,     solid and fluid mechanics, polymers, additive manufacturing, cementitious materials, composite materials, structural optimisation, machine learning
•        IELTS of at least 6.5 without any band lower than 6.0; or TOEFL overall 92 with no section less than 20.
•        Candidate with SCI-indexed journal papers will be preferred.
•        Strong academic English writing skills; and
•        Candidates from ‘985’ and ‘211’ programs with a GPA above 3.2/4.0 (80/100).

Key dates and how to apply
Application deadline for the second international research scholarship round is 15 October 2018, and the scholarship result will be noticed in the early December 2018. If satisfied above requirements: please send your application to Dr. Jonathan Tran through the email jonathan.tran@rmit.edu.au.The supporting documentation should be in one PDF file which is suggested to include the following items:
•        The latest resume/CV;
•        List of publication;
•        IELTS result;
•        Transcripts during undergraduate and graduate studies;
•        A research proposal of 2-5 pages and the details can be seen through https://www.rmit.edu.au/research ... -research-proposal;

About RMIT
RMIT is a global university of technology, design, and enterprise with 5-Star QS ranking for excellence in higher education, 14th highest ranked University in Australia and 247th in the world. RMIT is located in the CBD of Melbourne with the excellent convenience of studying, living and working.

About School of Engineering at RMIT
As a top 100 university in the world for engineering, RMIT School of Engineering provides students with work relevant education programs, access to excellent research facilities and opportunities to engage in creative real world project work through robust relations with local and international industry leaders. RMIT Engineering's education is based on innovation and creativity. Key discipline areas in the School of Engineering provide programs with flexible pathways to global careers or postgraduate research. The School conducts teaching and research at both the City and Bundoora campuses, has over 280 staff, over 550 higher degree research students, over 5,000 coursework students and an annual budget of $130 million.

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